BEMO – Operation features

Enterprise Resource Management

BEMO – Vehicle Management

Examine the company resources usage efficiently

  • Cost Optimization

    Cost control: Monitor the usage situation, make the usage plan

  • Effective use

    Manage details of the speedometer of the vehicle, and plan maintenance of assets

  • Flexible reports

    Flexibly customize analysis reports according to management requirements

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BEMO - Management of meeting rooms

Improve the quality of the meeting

    • Optimizing quality

      Easily schedule meeting rooms with full information, actions, participants to bring the best quality meeting

    • Reasonable allocation

      Optimal use of the business meeting room

    • Effective staff support

      Integrate with personal calendars and remind meeting information for participating members.

    • Share quickly

      Create notes and share notes with participants

    management of meeting rooms

BEMO – Event Management

The message spread and employee connection

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  • Quick archive

    Archive and present news scientifically and clearly to help businesses communicate quickly.

  • Clear information

    Create information flow in the business

  • Communication network

    The network communicates the crucial values of the company, thereby linking employees with the business goals.

  • Single interface

    A single interface for businesses to convey important messages

  • Participating in contributions

    Employees participate in contributing and sharing the values of the business

  • Transparency

    Transparent working principles in the business

BEMO - Discussion

Easily internal communication

  • Easy communication

    Employees can easily communicate via chat, voice, or video

  • Chat

    Chat internally and in groups to ensure focus on work and projects

  • Search storage

    The important information exchanged can be archived for retrieval when needed

  • Information search

    Search the information by keywords in the chat


BEMO – Meal Management

Take care of each employee's meal

  • bữa ăn
    • Convenient to order mail

      Staff can order convenient, quality meals with a diverse menu

    • Suitable integration

      Can be integrated to calculate salary following the welfare regime of the business

    • Integrated management

      Integrate the reputable food suppliers management