BEMO - Customer Relationship Management

Effective business development

Assistive Listening Systems

Understanding the customer

Detect the weak points or gaps in each sales stage to overcome in time.

Users Class

Sales team management

Increase efficiency of coordination between departments, create standard processes to help automate businesses. Automated assignment and efficient management

Chart Line

Solutions to increase the sales success rate

Overcome weaknesses and develop strengths, thereby increase sales. Plan appropriate and effective sales and distribution strategies

Comprehensive know your customer

Intelligent customer database

  • Quick measurement

    Record the behavior of potential customers (statistics from social networks, emails…) to measure the level of interest.

  • Convenience check

    Purchase/transaction history, payment, buying habits ... of customers.

  • Perfect security

    Smart customer data information management.

  • Accurate analysis

    Statistics and analysis of feedback, customer after-sales, helps maintain and increase opportunities for potential customers to spread.

  • Flexible customization

    Flexibly design reports according to administrative needs

opportunity operations management

Manage and support the sales team

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  • Precise orientation

    Assign goals and manage detailed sales to each employee every day, week, month, quarter.

  • Clear operations

    Manage all activities of sales staff from sending emails, making sales calls to direct contact, placing orders, sending quotes; meet guests…

  • Convenient check

    Quickly track revenue goals implementation, set sales for the week, month, quarter... anytime, anywhere.

  • Clear information

    Help the sales team easily set goals: Revenue, customers, ... and report to the Manager.

  • Performance evaluation

    Evaluating effective sales channels, and employee productivity makes it easy to evaluate business performance and provide timely support.