Elevate your business in the digital era


Unleash work productivity

Automatic accounting, easy to set up, limit the risk of confusion and fast.


Work online anytime, anywhere. Absolute security

No installation required, independent of space and time, giving you more flexibility in handling work.


Honest and timely picture

Administrators can check and retrieve financial data at any time, helping to make quick decisions, without having to wait for data to report from accountants.

Comprehensive, outstanding accounting

  • Full range of accounting professions

    Helping businesses manage receivables, payables, cash funds, allocations... to meet the current law rule

  • Automatic, flexible

    The system allows self-created automatic accounting entries, minimizing data entry time, avoiding the risk of errors.

  • Modern technology, easy to use

    Applying artificial intelligence technology, blockchain... helps businesses keep pace with the digital transformation revolution.

  • Multi-way connection

    Easily connect with solutions: sales, commerce...and tools like electronic invoices.

accounting_erp accounting_erp

Automated reports with multi-dimensional analysis

  • Automated and diversified reports

    Reports are generated automatically and vary depending on management purposes.

  • Troubleshooting in making consolidated reports

    Support to make consolidated reports for corporations, parent / child companies quickly, and simply.

  • Timely and accurate management decisions

    Helping managers flexibly make timely management decisions, because they do not have to wait for statistics from accountants.

Scalability and integration of the total management solution

  • Unlimited scalability

    Compatible with the growing size of the business, because of the scalability of the software

  • Detect and prevent financial vulnerabilities

    Reducing risks during operation because it is built on international standard control processes, helping businesses better control their finances and improve productivity.

  • Elevate your business in the era of digital transformation

    Operating a total management solution like ERP helps to improve the prestige and position of the business. BEMO - Accounting with the ability to integrate with other modules: human resource management, sales, project management...

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