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    Solution towards overall management of all business activities, giving business administrators reliable data in real-time, helping them make the most accurate and timely decisions
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    Deploying on the cloud platform helps reduce initial investment costs and operating costs of enterprises. Allowing businesses to update and upgrade software easily and conveniently. Businesses only have to pay for the functions they need.
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    The system is designed to be open and modular, giving businesses the flexibility to choose, use and pay for only the functions they need. Adding or removing modules can be done online easily.
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    A team of experts in many fields: Digital Transformation, Business Administration, Finance/Accounting, .. bring the most suitable solution for your business.

And some other highlights:

  • Modern interface, world standard model makes the system more user-friendly

  • Bringing the world's standard process to Vietnamese businesses, with the ability to customize suitable for Vietnamese businesses

  • Cost of installation is quick and competitive compared to other ERP solutions on the market

  • Can try, experience for free for a while, this is a benefit to help businesses make decisions to deploy for businesses quickly.

  • Customer care team is equipped with solid expertise, will enthusiastically answer business questions 24/7

  • Constantly developing to bring customers experiences with the latest technologies: AI, IOT, VR/AR,..

  • Constantly developing to bring customers experiences with the latest technologies: AI, IOT, VR/AR,..

  • The database can be expanded to be compatible with the growing size of the enterprise, so enterprises can be assured of not having to change the system when the size change

Tầm nhìn và sứ mệnh

Vision and mission

Tầm nhìn


Bemo endeavors to fulfill its mission strives to become a Digital Transformation solution known and used by many global enterprises in the next 3 years.

Sứ mệnh


Together with the development of enterprises, to solve the problem of resource management, cost optimization..., to use the opportunity of the Technological Revolution 4.0

Core value:

Giá trị cốt lõi
Determining the satisfaction, experience of customers is the highest goal.
Ready to apply new technologies, bring new values.
Gathering people with an aspiration to create valuable products
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Grow your business quickly


Bemo will bring businesses the most intelligent and modern products and applications.


The core value of BEMO is to help businesses approach digital transformation and integrate multiple platforms quickly - economically - efficiently.

Development team

With burning aspirations, the Bemo team will always be a partner standing together with businesses to create good values ​​on the path of sustainable development.

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Project Director

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Product Development Director

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Technical Director