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Bemo creates a sustainable digital transformation management platform for the future development of businesses.


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Human Resource

Comprehensive human resource development in the digital era

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Smart solutions for Sales Management

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Customer Relationship

Efficient business development

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Cost and usage optimization

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  • Modern interface, world standard model makes the system more user-friendly

  • Bringing the world's standard process to Vietnamese businesses, with the ability to customize suitable for Vietnamese businesses

  • Cost of installation is quick and competitive compared to other ERP solutions on the market

  • Can try, experience for free for a while, this is a benefit to help businesses make decisions to deploy for businesses quickly.

  • Customer care team is equipped with solid expertise, will enthusiastically answer business questions 24/7

  • Constantly developing to bring customers experiences with the latest technologies: AI, IOT, VR/AR,..

  • Constantly developing to bring customers experiences with the latest technologies: AI, IOT, VR/AR,..

  • The database can be expanded to be compatible with the growing size of the enterprise, so enterprises can be assured of not having to change the system when the size change

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Liberating development potential for your business

BEMO brings the fastest digital transformation solution to handle various problems in business administration. The application of new technology 4.0 and cloud computing will be a launching pad to help businesses optimize operation costs, increasing labor productivity by 200%.

Besides, BEMO will help businesses automate processes, avoid overlapping, thereby increasing control, minimizing risks with the development potential of enterprises.

Friendly interface

Bemo focuses on improving the user experience (UX), optimizing a variety of devices to make the platform more intuitive and user-friendly. The comprehensive upgrade of UX is expected to increase productivity and promote user interaction with the system.

Kết nối và tích hợp

Smart connectivity and integration

If your business is running on separate software solutions that are not compatible with each other, you have to spend time entering data and are lacking an overview of the administration.

Bemo creates a platform to solve all business needs of enterprises integrating all management modules with a single solution. Help businesses save costs and integrate: businesses do not need to do anything extra to coordinate with many different technologies.

Let us grow with your business!